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It's much more economical than Tahoe

and you can bring your friends.

Requirements for Marriage in San Francisco

You need only be over 18 years of age and have Photo ID – Passport or Driver License or other government-issued ID. TOURISTS: You do not need to establish residency of any kind. The ONLY requirements are photo id and over 18 years of age. I can help you get other services you may need – hairdo, flowers, champagne, cake etc. I will guide you carefully through the whole process, even picking you up from your hotel if you want me to.


I'm Kate Talbot, officiant. I've been officiating for more than 20 years and I promise I will make a ceremony where every single guest will say its the best ceremony have EVER attended I will always include your children and make it their day too. I love to do same sex marriages - civil rights for all.

Generally, I charge between $300 - $400 for my services. As a part of my services, I am a notary and can get you a certified copy in good time. If you come by my house in San Mateo, I can show you more than A THOUSAND hand written references or I will email you about 300, some very recent.

I am at 650-571-5555



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